• What is Chemin de Fer, A Variant of Baccarat

    Chemin de Fer is a form of Baccarat that is a bit rare in the United States. The type of Baccarat that is most played in North America is Nevada Baccarat. But Chemin de Fer is common in the game houses of Europe. The game is astoundingly well known in French casinos. We'll compare Chemin de Fer with its North American counter part and see how each game would fare.

    The first thing we may well want to check out first is the rules of the game. Quite frankly, when we make a comparison between Chemin de Fer and the game of Baccarat played in North American casinos, the rules really are the same when determining the value of the hands. The objective of the hand ranking is similar in both games, which is to get a total that is closer to nine or exactly nine.

    The significant difference between Chemin de Fer and Nevada Baccarat comes in regard to the role of the banker. In the North American Baccarat version of the game, the casino or the house undertakes to play the role of the banker. It is then the casino that provides the funds used by the bank in the duration of the game. This is not the case with Chemin de Fer.

    In Chemin de Fer the house or the casino doesn't take the role of banker on its shoulders. Instead this role is passed around among the players. This is somewhat similar to some poker games. In Chemin de Fer, players may not as simply bet on either player or bank since they may have to make a bet on themselves.

    In Chemin de Fer the players will pass on the role of banker in a clockwise direction on the table. An optional rule in this game is that a player may wish to pass on this role of banker if that player so chooses, but this rule is indeed optional. Some casinos may have it, some don't.

    The casino's only role in Chemin de Fer is to provide the location for the game and the equipment to be used. Other than that, the house is also supposed to make sure that all game rules are observed. And for these services, the house will take a 5% due from the profits of the wagers that won.

    One last difference is that Chemin de Fer is a lot more flexible than North American Baccarat when it comes to rules governing the drawing of the third card.

    Other than these slight differences, the two games are quite alike. Players on both sides may want to try both games to better appreciate the game.