• Baccarat System: What a Winning System Truly Is

    Winning in baccarat is strongly a factor of chance much like roulette. Baccarat is a wager on three possible results: namely, Banker, Player, and Tie. The odds for each type of bet in baccarat are rather fixed. If so, is there a baccarat system that you can study to help you win more?

    The answer is none. Now and then, you'll find claims that a given system works. The question is, do they work really? Any smart baccarat player who understands that winning in baccarat is 99% luck should stop believing that there's a baccarat system out there that will turn a player into a surefire winner.

    You will find such offers on the web. These are accompanied by testaments that swear to the effectiveness of the baccarat system. But you have to note that these testaments are meant as advertisements, meant to convince you that the baccarat system works.

    But here's the thing if you've discovered a baccarat system that works, would you share it to other punters. Would you rather keep the secret, gamble using your system, and make more money that way?

    What the baccarat system vendors are trying to sell the idea that anyone who could afford $30-$50 worth of baccarat system can make their fortune playing off baccarat.

    But that is simply not the case. Usually, a system works only in the short run. No baccarat system has ever proven to sustain its promise of making you win more.

    No baccarat system can ever change the odds of baccarat. No baccarat system can also predict the outcome of each game. No one can also guarantee that the hand that wins consecutively will be next winning hand.

    Nor can you rely on win-loss patterns for one type of bet is just as likely to win next as any other.

    The best strategy that works though is to know baccarat odds for each outcome. So the, you will find which is the worst bet and which is the best bet. You have to avoid, of course, the worst bet. Banker hand is considered the best bet because its houses edge is 1.01%. Player hand is still good bet with a house edge of 1.24%. The worst bet is tie with a house edge of more than 14%.

    What a baccarat system promises is how to beat the odds. But baccarat odds are rather fixed, and no baccarat system has yet proven to change or predict the outcome of each game. The best strategy when you play baccarat? Simply avoid wagering on the bet with the highest house edge - Tie bet.