• How to Play Baccarat

    Not only the aristocracy and James Bond can play Baccarat. In fact, everyone can play Baccarat even the novice gambler and hobbyist. It is probably one of the easiest casino card games ever invented.

    In a Baccarat game, you have to bet only on three areas: the Banker hand, Player hand, or Tie. Four cards will be drawn by the dealer; two for the Banker and the other two for the Player. The object in Baccarat is to get the highest total card sum based on the numbers 0-9 series.

    So if the Banker hand gets a total card sum of 8 and the Player hand has 5, the Banker wins. It's very simple actually and you are not playing against other player or the house. In Baccarat, you are betting on which hand gets the highest number. Of course if you will bet on the Tie area, and the results would be a tie then you win the Baccarat round.

    The value of each card in a Baccarat game is as follows: an Ace has a value of 1 while numbers 2 to 9 have values based on their natural number. The number 10 and all the face cards have a value of zero. So a Jack and an Ace is not 21 but 1 only.

    Baccarat payout for the Banker and Player bet is 1:1. It means if you bet $10 you will win $10 also. However, a bet on the Banker has a corresponding 5% commission paid to the house. That means if you win and your bet is on Banker, instead of $10 you will only collect $9.50.

    A bet on a tie pays 8:1. So your $10 bet could win $80. However, in a single session of Baccarat game there is a very slim chance of a tie. That's why its payout is enormous also.

    You have a 46% chance of winning a round if you bet on the Banker hand. Bets on the Player hand have 45% winning chance. The Tie area has the worst winning percentage. A bet on it has only 9% winning chance.

    Some Baccarat game experts prefer to bet on the Banker. That's because you gain a high win percentage on it. However, the commission you will pay to the house will cancel out any win advantage.

    It would be best to take note that Baccarat is a casino card game played primarily based on luck and chance. You cannot devise a set strategy for Baccarat because every card is randomly drawn. In any Baccarat game, whether online or live, each outcome is independent from the previous result.

    A Baccarat game is very easy. You can quickly learn to play it even if you're just a novice gambler.